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My Vision

I believe that children's literature represents inspiration, transformation, and hope; this is why I work hard so that every child will see themselves in children's books. Children's illustrations should visually reflect the kid's nature, appearance, character, problems, and dreams. 

My Mission

I dedicate my work to helping self-publishing authors to bring their stories to life. I believe in the power of knowledge, curiosity, and imagination. Children's literature is the best place for starting to change the world. It is essential for children to explore the world, even if "only" through books; the imagination is all powerful. Exciting stories take us beyond our comfort zone, so I hope to bring our readers past their familiar, conventional landmarks and ideas of what is possible.

My Process

My Process


1. Exploration Phase

I like to start with an exploration call to get a good idea of what you are needing. My pricing is based on how many characters need to be designed, how many illustrations/pages, and the detail of the images.

Once we decide to move forward there is a contract and deposit phase. Then we move to Phase 2.

I offer to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement before the Author sends me a manuscript.

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2. Illustration Phase

Characters, Rough Sketches & Storyboards.
I start working on roughs, this can be from a character viewpoint or dummy for a larger book. Main character roughs and color palette etc.

Painting the finals.
After the roughs are approved, I move onto a drawing that is cleaner but not painted for review, and then the final illustration phase is the painting.


3. Design & Deliverables

If I am doing the book layout, design, and book cover I start working on finalizing the files to complete the book. While the spreads up to this point have text this is where we add in the end pages, copyright, and seam it all together for the printer.

​Print-friendly files are delivered or if I am not doing the design the hi-res version of the illustrations.


"Choosing Misha as my illustrator is probably the best decision I've made for my book. Not only are Misha's illustrations beautiful, she brings so much to the production process.

She had some excellent ideas that undoubtedly improved my book, she did the typesetting in addition to the illustrations (a service you often need to hire another person to do), has been instrumental in helping me with my book campaign, and is very responsive. 

She has gone above and beyond to help me make my book successful. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

"In my initial interaction with Misha when I reached out regarding the possibility of working together, her genuine love of illustration and bringing words to life shone through.

That passion has carried through our entire project and expanding not only to continuous support but also patience with me as an emerging author learning the ropes and having an incredibly busy personal life.

All of this is everything an author could hope for in an illustrator ... and I haven’t even mentioned how I cried the first time I saw my words and heart in the form of the strikingly powerful images she created!
Highly recommend!"

Rachel Brenton

"Fiercely Loved"

Get a Quote

Get a Quote

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Q & A

Do I need an editor before we start?
Yes! It's essential. It is a very important step.
Also, The editors are much less expensive than illustrators. 

Do I have to provide sketches or basic illustrations to the illustrator? What if I don't have any ideas?
I am interested in knowing as much about your book as possible, It can be helpful to know your vision of the book, But it's not necessary. You don't need to worry about it.

Can you do a Book Cover Design and a formating of inside pages?
I have a Master's Degree in Graphic Design, and I offer these additional services. If you choose to work with me on more than just illustrations, You will get files that are ready for print. All included. 

What are your rates?
There is a too big price range difference for each project; therefore, I advise you to submit the quote form to get a more specific number.

I don't have so much money. Can you draw for free?
The short answer is NO. Few times per year, I take a project on the sliding scale. Some conditions apply. 

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