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Sheltering Arms

“The Future Is Us!” 

Concept, Logo, Identity, Invitation,

Program, Posters, Batters,

Guest Book, Design, illustrations

The full phrase conjures the imagery and actual reality of our youth taking a collective stand to exclaim “The Future Is Us!” As they grow, with the support of their programs, these kids will have the power and tools to shape their lives, communities, and society- the future belongs to them, the Future that they are dreaming about. (e.g. “Future College Student” or “Future Homeowner” or “Future Doctor”)
I created few concepts The Annual Gala, one of NYC’s premiere events benefiting our city’s children and families who live below the poverty line. The gala is a special opportunity to directly connect with those whose lives have been changed while honoring citizens and companies who are blazing new trails as innovators and philanthropists. 


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